Slim down quick Part 2
Insanity – Review for weight loss

Works: chest, arms, back, abs

Get in conventional push up position, with your feet several inches apart, your arms straight, and your hands near your shoulders (it is OK to begin on your knees before you get stronger). The human body should form a straight line from your head to your heels. Keep your abs tight by bending both arms, and drop the body down.

Box and Reach Drill

Works: obliques

Commence in Perpendicular Leg Crunches starting location. Tighten reach over outside of right thigh with both arms, and abs. Return to center, then reach outside of left thigh with both arms over; duplicate entire move, doing as many repetitions as you can in 30 seconds. Go directly to Flutter Kicks.

Flutter Kicks

Time: 1 minute

Works: hips, abs

Begin in Box-and-Reach Practice beginning spot; lower legs till they’re about 1 foot over lower arms and the mat until they are level on the mat with palms. Keep back flat on the mat and support sides of your body with arms as you move both legs simultaneously up and down in opposite directions (when one is upward, the other is down); continue for 1 minute. Go straight to Changed Lower-Back Bends.

Changed Lower-Back Bends

Works: bottom, lower back

Lie on your own stomach with legs straight, feet shoulder-width apart, along with the tops of your feet touching the mat. Your arms must be bent in the elbows, hands marginally higher than your shoulders, and palms. Bend your bottom and lower back, and slowly lift your legs and arms about 6 inches off the mat; return to starting position and repeat. Continue doing the move for 30 seconds, then proceed directly to Push-Ups.

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