If you landed on my page that means you are a fishing enthusiast like me. Well I am Shane Alexander, I am 46 years old, I live in Mobile, Alabama. I grew up in the rural parts of Alabama where growing up we had so much fun doing fishing, hunting, mud riding you name it we did it. But mostly all outdoor activities.

My father taught me the basics of fishing at a very early age, I don’t recall ever going to the supermarket or grocery store to buy fish, we always caught our own. That was the way of life and we took great pride in it.

Those days have changed and life got busy, activities such as fishing became more of a hobby than anything else. But I still love to fish every chance I get. To me that is when I get the best relaxing time with nature and family. I taught my son who is 19 now how to fish just like my father has done for me. He loves to fish just as much as I do or so he tells me, but kids now a days have so much to distract them and keep them occupied, that activities like fishing are not fun for them, instead going to Starbucks for coffee is much more appealing.

But this place is not to talk about the new generation and how they are moving away from outdoor activities but it is about Fishing Reels. Over the years I have bought around 50 + fishing reels and rods, some of which were really good some weren’t. I usually try to read reviews and do some research before buying anything but I realized not all reviews are created equal. So I decided I would share my knowledge about  Fishing Reels here. If this benefits just one person, I would consider that a success.

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