Musgo Real has been producing their globally appreciated product for more than a century now.  Established in Claus, Portugal in 1887, when the original Claus & Schweder company began manufacturing fine gentlemen’s soaps, Musgo’s tradition of handmade craftsmanship has continued to inspire their clients for mens grooming

Each Musgo product is made with ample amounts of the finest Lanolin, Coconut Oil, and Glycerin to provide the superior quality skin you desire.

Today Musgo Real is exclusively distributed in North America by Lafco New York. 

The tin tube with grooved cap is easy to use either at the sink or in the shower. (One of my peeves, is a shave cream packaged with a tiny cap for use with my big wet baseball glove fingers.) Musgo’s lather is full, mousse-like and well scented. Ironically there’s no difference in lather between using my hands or using a badger brush. This cream is a must have for taming your beard especially if you’re a frequent shavers or have sensitive skin.

None I’m aware of. This cream is made for a nice shave.

Enjoyable shave cream. Musco Real’s shave cream was easy to use. There were no messy leftovers or concerns. The metallic green was kinda fun to use. Considering it costs about $10, it is a great value for the money!

This rich lathering and brushless shaving cream has a base of lanolin and gylcerine to soften and moisturize your beard, allowing the blade to come closer to your face for a smoother, longer lasting and enjoyable shave.


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