Slim down Fast Part 3

Dive-Bomber Push-Ups Time: 30 seconds Works: chest, arms, back, abs Begin in Pushups beginning spot, then widen your feet point your buttocks toward the ceiling. Decrease your body to the floor slowly and slightly lugging your torso across the mat. Press on your body up until your arms are straight and your lower back is […]

Slim Down Fast

Reduce down quickly With brief-but-intense cardio periods, total-body strength moves, and an extra dose of ab work, you’ll tighten your tummy and slim down your whole body. Do this 10-minute circuit three times in a row for the best 30-minute workout of your own life. Jump Rope Drill Time: 1 minute and 30 seconds Stand […]

The Exercise Zeroes In on Your Lower Chest

The exercise zeroes in on your lower chest, developing serious size, says Tyler English, C.S.C.S., writer of Natural Bodybuilder’s Bible. Do it: Lie on a decline bench together with your shins hooked beneath the leg support. Hold a pair of dumbbells above your chest with your arms straight. Your palms should face your feet and […]

The 15 Best Exercises For Your Chest

A powerful-looking upper body begins using a chiseled chest. And there are not any better for sculpting your pecs power tools. Choose three or two to work in your routine, and for optimum results, every three or four weeks rotate in new movements. Associated: The Anarchy Workout—an Extreme Fitness DVD from Men’s Health That Chisels […]

Get Healthy Fast

In the domain of fitness, three-month programs dominate the landscape. You seen tons of them in this magazine through the years. Are they effective? Absolutely. But we’re likely to let you in on an interesting secret: It doesn’t necessary take eight or 12 weeks to get your feet wet in the gymnasium. Not that you’ll […]